Purchase and Lease Programs


One of our qualified interior landscape designers will visit your space free of charge to develop a proposal that best suits your budgetary and aesthetic needs. You may then select from one of the following options:

1) Clients may choose to lease the plants and decorative containers or to purchase them outright, and agree to have Foliage Design Systems provide guaranteed maintenance on them. With either option, we guarantee healthy, attractive plants for the term of the lease or the purchase with guaranteed maintenance program. Our trained, uniformed technicians will visit your space weekly to provide total plant care. This includes watering, dusting, trimming, controlling harmful insects and diseases, and replacing plants as necessary (see Foliage Design Systems Agreement for details).

2) Clients may purchase plants and decorative containers from us and choose to care for them yourself, although no free replacement guarantee applies with this option.


1) Clients do not have to buy their plants from us in order to enjoy our guaranteed maintenance services. Many clients have existing plants that need our services. We will inspect them to insure their health and provide a proposal to take over the care of them, guaranteed.

2) As the condition of plants or budget requires, we also offer the option to provide professional care without the free replacement guarantee.